Thursday, December 29, 2011

CSDN(China’s network of software developers’) hacked

As a result of a hacker attack personal data of 6 million software developers are in the public domain.

Unidentified hackers hacking implemented a computer system, “China Software Developer Network» («Chinese Software Developer Network», CSDN), which is owned by Bailian Midami Digital Technology Co. Note that this company is the largest network of software developers in China.

As a result of hacking hackers managed to steal personal information 6 million users CSDN. The stolen information included names, passwords and email addresses. File with the stolen information can be found in various social networks. To date, the developers who have registered on the site CSDN, change their passwords.

Recall that the Chinese authorities at the moment are active in the fight against the anonymity of the Internet. Representatives of the ruling party of the country suggested a policy of forced use of real names in blogs. The main goal of this project is to combat the spread of unconfirmed rumors in local microblogging service.Vvidu the policy that any release of data in the country is becoming more dangerous, since receiving e-mail address or blog name, a potential attacker can easily reveal the identity of the victim.

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