Sunday, January 16, 2022

English schedule from Bob the Canadian

 In this English lesson I will explain what I think is the best way to learn English in 2020.

As many of you know I am an actual teacher. I have used both my teaching knowledge and my own experience as a language learner (French) to create this English learning plan.

To be honest, I am calling this video, "The Best Way to Learn English", but there is nothing really amazing or remarkable about this plan. It is however a very thorough approach to learning a language, and it will help you learn a lot of English if you stick to the plan for a whole year.

It is based on the concept that you should be spending an equal amount of time reading in English, writing in English, listening to English, speaking in English, and building your English vocabulary.

I think since there are 5 days in the week, and there are five areas you should focus on, it makes a lot of sense to focus on one of those things each day of the week. So essentially you will use Mondays to focus on Reading, Tuesdays to focus on Writing, Wednesdays to focus on Listening, Thursdays to focus on Speaking, and Fridays to focus on Vocabulary Building. You won't of course use your entire study time each day just focusing on one thing, but you will spend the majority of time each day focusing on one aspect of learning English. ✅Here is the plan: THINGS YOU WILL NEED: - 1 hour per day (30 minutes will work as well). - a notebook and a pen to write down new vocabulary each day. - an English song. - an English a book. - an English TV show. MONDAYS (Spend 30-40 minutes Reading) - Read your book. - Read the news. - Read an article on - Write down some new words in your notebook with their definition. - Spend the rest of your hour: -- Reading out loud from your book -- Writing out some passages from your book. -- Listening to the audiobook of your book. -- Using Duolingo or other learning apps. TUESDAYS (Spend 30-40 minutes Writing) - Write what you did yesterday, today, and tomorrow in your notebook. - Write a few comments on Youtube videos. - Write some sentences about what you like and dislike about your song, your book, and your TV show. - Write a summary of what you have read in your book the day before. - Put some new words in your dictionary. - Spend the rest of your hour: -- Reading what you have written. -- Listening to what you have written by pasting your writing into Google translate and have it read it to you. -- Reading what you have written out loud. -- Using Duolingo or other learning apps. WEDNESDAYS (Spend 30-40 minutes Listening): - Watch your TV show. - Listen to your song. - Listen to the Audiobook of your book if you have it. - Watch a few Youtube videos. - Put new words in your dictionary. - Spend the rest of your hour: -- Read about your TV show. -- Write about how your song makes you feel. -- Mimic or shadow people from your TV show. -- Sing along to your song. THURSDAYS (Spend 30-40 minutes Speaking): - Hire a tutor on: -- Preply: -- Cambly: -- iTalki: - Talk out loud. - Narrate your life. - Record yourself and play it back. - Put words in your dictionary. - Spend the rest of your hour: -- Reading out loud. -- Singing out loud. -- Shadowing or mimicking actors from your TV show. FRIDAYS (Spend the Entire hour on Vocabulary): - Review all the words in your dictionary. - Write them out. - Say them out loud. - Use them in a sentence. - Make a set. - Make flashcards. - Work until you have them all memorized. WEEKENDS: - Find a new song. - Find a new book. - Find a new TV show. - Take a break. ⌛ Remember: Always watch the video three times. Twice today with English subtitles on, and once tomorrow with the English subtitles off to reinforce the English you have learned! --

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