Monday, August 15, 2011

Between doctors and robbers that something

Robbers usually only at night commit crimes, the doctor has all-weather stealing money;

Robbers go through rain and wind to wander around, doctors cool in summer warm in winter and elegant environment;

You give money to the robber in order to survive, you survive and to give the money to doctors;

Robber can steal the wealth of your pocket, the doctor was able to steal your life savings

Robber will force you to pay, the doctor was able to force you to borrow money;

You can even buy peace run into the robber crime, stealing money, but you run into a doctor was ruined;

Robber carefully frightened when committing the crime, justifiably cynical when doctors stealing money;

Robber  afraid you overwhelm with numerical strength, but the doctor even police also rob;

You can call the police to be robbers robbed, You  can call the police were  robbers robbed,  the doctors robbed you  only can accept their fate;

the robber commit crime dressed as the devil himself, when the doctor Robbers disguise themselves as angels;

Robbers steal your money he ran away, the doctor steal your money you get out;

Bandits robbed a huge amount will be shot, the doctor grab more money was get the recognition of outstanding contributions;

You kill a gangster called self-defense, you kill the doctor called the criminal;

Doctors may not be robbers grab in their lifetime, robbers will certainly be robbed a doctor;

Doctors last generation is certainly robber, robber next life will want a doctor.

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